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SuperDateTime is a screensaver for use with open source SqueezeCenter software from Slim Devices. The screensaver graphically displays current weather conditions and forecasts and will also optionally display stock quotes and upcoming/active game information for MLB, NBA, NHL, NFL, and college football and basketball, and hockey teams.  The information is conveniently displayed on a Squeezebox/Transporter hardware player anywhere in your home.

The following screenshots were created using SoftSqueeze, a software-based Squeezebox/Transporter emulator that is compatible with the plugin.

Graphical Weather and Time Display

Full Weather Forecast

Upcoming MLB Game Display

 Stock Market Display

Transporter - Time and Weather / Stock Market Display

SuperDateTime can be easily installed by adding to the list of repositories configured in Squeezebox Server and selecting the plugin for installation.  It can also be installed manually by following the instructions below.

  1. Unzip downloaded zip file appropriate directory.  Folder names are case sensitive.
    Windows: Squeezebox\server\Plugins\  NOT SqueezeCenter\server\Slim\Plugin
    Linux: /var/lib/squeezebox/Plugins/       Soft Link:  /usr/share/squeezebox/Plugins/ 
    OS X Single User: ~/Users/yourusername/Library/PreferencePanes/SqueezeCenter.prefpane/Contents/server/Plugins
    OS X Multi User: ~/Library/PreferencePanes/SqueezeCenter.prefpane/Contents/server/Plugins
  2. Restart SlimServer.
  3. Ensure the plugin is enabled from Server Settings / Plugins web page.
  4. Configure custom plugin settings (city, teams, etc.) from Server Setttings / Plugins web page.
  5. Enable screensaver for when a player is turned off from Player Settings web page. 

[OPTIONAL] SqueezeServer can be configured to temporarily display SuperDateTime when powered on by holding the size button for a couple seconds. The display is returned to it's previous state by holding the size button again for a couple seconds. This is useful to view sports/weather/etc information while listening to music.

(This needs updating, any volunteers?)

  1. Open up \SlimServer\Server\IR\ in your favorite raw text editor.
  2. Scroll down to # textsize modes
  3. Edit the text in that section to mirror:    (Make sure to include the leading "#" where shown below.)
    size = dead
    size.single = textsize_toggle
    size.hold = modefunction_PLUGIN.SuperDateTime::Plugin->showme
    #size = textsize_toggle
    textsize_small = textsize_small
    textsize_medium = textsize_medium
    textsize_large = textsize_large
  4. Restart SqueezeCenter

Remote Control Usage:


Please direct all feedback and support questions to GoCubs on the SlimDevices public forums at  Enhancement requests and issues can also be submitted at


SuperDateTime is open to the community for issue resolution and enhancements and is managed via a Google Code repository available at  If you're familiar with Perl programming and would like to contribute please contact GoCubs via the Feedback/Support details listed above.


Is there something viewable online (lottery numbers, traffic times, soccer scores, etc.) that you wish you could view via SuperDateTime?  Custom plugins that make use of SuperDateTime's external API are now available.  Please contact GoCubs via the SlimDevices forums for more information on getting your own custom plugin enhancement for SuperDateTime.

Examples: PGA Scores and College Hockey, CTA Bus Tracker, Ocean Tide

Known Issues:

Date Version Min. SS Changes
2012 5.9.9+ * 7.4 * Project has moved to a Google Code Project accessible to the community. 

Please refer to for the latest downloadable version and for the version change history.  A new repository has also been created for the latest version and is available at
06/18/11 5.9.8 * 7.4 * Fixed weather parsing.  Thanks everyone for your patience.
04/16/11 5.9.7 * 7.4 * Added stuck monitor to determine when plugin appears stuck due to failed parsing during data refresh.
Fixed NCAA football showing games on non-game days.  Thanks BoomX2.
Fixed and map parsing.  Thanks Peter, BoomX2, and any others.
Fixed HI/LOW shortened text.
For non-graphical players plugin will no longer crash attempting to call setCustomChar (I hope).
Removed Amazon associate links from settings page as they no longer support Illinois associates. :(
10/02/10 5.9.5 * 7.4 * Fixed NCAA football parsing
Fixed NHL parsing
Fixed international precip parsing.
Fixed weather alert parsing.
Fixed bug relating to the display of long weather text items.
Above thanks to BoomX2.
Fixed weather parsing. Thanks Stubie.
Minor display tweaks and fixes.
07/30/10 5.9.3 * 7.4 * Fixed parsing. Special thanks to Erland and BoomX2.
Should handle HTML ISO 8859-1 characters better.
06/12/10 5.9.2 * 7.4 * Fixed MLB parsing causing infinite "*" data refresh. (Thanks SteveB).
05/24/10 5.9.1 * 7.4 * Fixed infinite '*' data refresh issue when there are no display items to cycle through.
05/22/10 5.9.0 * 7.4 * Substantial external API enhancements to bring SuperDateTime content to Jive-based players (Touch, Controller, Radio)
via the Custom Clock applet (special thanks to Erland and Dan for all their coordination efforts to make this happen).
Updated weather icon images.
Added support for weather map images by location.
Added support for sport team logo images.
Added support for daily stock chart images.
03/07/10 5.8.15 * 7.4 * Improved reliability for international weather identifiers.
Updated weather periods logic to reflect's recent changes.
Updated MLB date range to include spring training.
02/06/10 5.8.14 * 7.4 * Complete weather parsing fix.  Added 24-hr precip and snowfall display params.  Added weather alerts.
NFL parsing fix (thanks BoomX2).  Added TV/Radio info for College BB and NBA.
01/15/10 5.8.12 * 7.4 * Initial fix of weather parsing.  More updates to come.
12/17/09 5.8.11 * 7.4 * Fixed College Football to only display games on the day in which they are occuring based on Eastern timezone.
Fixed NFL icons (only three supported, more welcome!).
Added Dutch translations (thanks Willem)
12/10/09 5.8.10 * 7.4 * Fixed NFL to only display games on the day in which they are occurring based on Eastern timezone.
11/13/09 5.8.9 * 7.4 * Fixed NFL, College Football, and weather averages parsing and long forecast display (Thanks BoomX2).
08/07/09 5.8.8 * 7.4 * Fixed SqueezeServer 7.4 compatibility issues.
Fixed MLB/NBA refresh collision (Thanks Steve B and family.)
04/30/09 5.8.7 * 7.2 * Fixed MLB icons and parsing for delayed/postponed games (Thanks Steve B and family).
UV Rating now supported.
04/09/09 5.8.6 * 7.2 * Fixed MLB parsing (Thanks Steve B. and family).  You will need to reselect your MLB teams.
03/13/09 5.8.5 * 7.2 * Fixed NCAA Basketball parsing (Thanks Atslim).
02/11/09 5.8.4 * 7.2 * Fixed NHL and NBA parsing (Thanks Steve B. and family).  You will need to reselect your NHL teams.
01/17/09 5.8.3 * 7.2 * Fixed NBA parsing (Thanks Steve B. and family).  You will need to reselect your NBA teams.
12/06/08 5.8.2 * 7.2 * Fixed date/time formatting to once again use regular Date/Time plugin format setting
Updated WeatherUnderground parsing to handle stations that include Solar Radiation in their reading data
11/25/08 5.8.1 * 7.2 * Switched to .par packaging to resolve installation issues in 5.8.0 (Thanks Steve B.)
Switched to .png weather icons for clearer Duet display (Thanks Sue C)

Overhauled NBA parsing (Thanks Steve B, Sarah and Hannah).
Stock information now viewable via Duet controller
To support our international friends, stock display/refresh is now 24/7.
Unit of measure for certain forecasts and Duet is now configurable
German translations (Thanks Juergen)
Misc bug fixes

NOTE: SqueezeCenter 7 3rd-Party plugins are installed in a separate directory than default/included plugins. 
Please see installation instructions above.
09/10/08 5.7.0 * 7.2 * Updated NFL parsing for new season.
Resurrected automatic long weather forecast scrolling.
Number of upcoming days worth of weather forecasts now configurable.
Loads of bug fixes and performance enhancements.
API now supports long text display items.
08/30/08 5.6.2 * 7.2 * Alarm clock display support.
Touched font files to resolve overlapping text issue caused by SqueezeCenter fontcache bug.
SDT will refresh data when there are no players with displays (Duet only configurations).
08/28/08 5.6.0 * 7.2 * Boom! Support.  Now supports player-specific configuration.
08/08/08 5.5.2 * 7.1 * Updated to work with 7.1.  Updated IR mapping to play nicer with other plugins.
04/11/08 5.5.1 * 7.0 * Fixed MLB parsing.
03/15/08 5.5.0 * 7.0 * Initial Jive Support!
Dedicated SuperDateTime configuration page with more flexible display customization.
"Intelligent" spacing of display items.
External API for other plugins to easily add display items (see OceanTides example).
10 days worth of forecasts are now available via the remote.
Various bug fixes related to dual screen support and ticker display mode.
Additional version history can be found here.

Copyright 2005 Greg Brown
All rights reserved.